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Do the burns hurt?


Although the idea of having your skin burned may sound painful, it is very quick process. Most people describe it as a similar sensation to a small scratch. The points, or dots which are burned are less then 4 or 5mm in diameter. They are not deep burns either, only removing the top two layers of skin.


Will I have scars from the burns?


Because the top couple of layers of skin are blistered and then picked off, to form small dots, or points where the medicine is applied, you will be left with some small marks or scars. However, the length of time that the scars remain varies a lot from person to person. Also where the points are made on the body can effect how long, or how pronounced the scars are.

The points are never large and we work to make sure they are not offensive to look at. In fact a lot of people love their Kambo scars and wear them with pride. Sometimes people even choose to have the points made into a pattern. We will always discuss with you exactly where on your body you will receive your points, to make sure it is a place that you are comfortable with.

Can anyone take Kambo?


There are some people who are not able to take Kambo. Here is a list of the main contraindications.

  • Have serious heart problems.

  • Are on medication for low blood pressure.

  • Have had a stroke.

  • Have had a brain haemorrhage.

  • Have an aneurism or blood clots.

  • Lack the mental capacity to make the decision to take Kambo.

  • Have serious mental health problems excluding depression, PTSD and anxiety.

  • Are undergoing chemotherapy, radiotherapy  or for 4 weeks afterwards.

  • Take immune-suppressants for organ transplant.

  • Have Addison’s Disease

  • Have current and severe Epilepsy

  • Are recovering from a major surgical procedure

  • Are under 18 years old

  • Are pregnant or maybe so or are breast-feeding a child under 6 months old

  • Have taken Bufo (5-MeO-DMT) within 28 days

Please note this is not an exhaustive list so you must inform us of any conditions you are currently suffering from. Please also give details of any mental health conditions, regardless of whether or not you are taking medication. The only exception to this is mild depression.

In most cases it is usually completely safe for you to continue taking your normal medication, but please discuss this beforehand.

Is there any after care offered?


We do not offer an aftercare service. We are simply there to guide and support you through your treatment. We are very happy to discuss any issues which may come up for you. However, as we are not medically trained we can not offer medical, or phycological advice.

Can I take Kambo whilst on my period?


However be aware, if you are menstruating at the time of treatment, Kambo may well cause the flow to increase for 24-36 hours, or may even cause your period to start early. This is because Kambo contains powerful Vasodilators.

How long will the treatment last?

Please see our description of what to expect on our ‘What happens page.

Do I have to purge (vomit)?

The answer to this is generally yes. Because the Kambo has pulled the toxins, that have been collecting in your bodies cells, into your stomach you need to get them out. If they remain in your stomach, they will slowly be reabsorbed into your system. If this happens you will not feel the full benefit from the medicine. However, that said, every person who takes Kambo has their own unique experience. The majority of people will experience a strong purge (vomit), for some the release may come as more of an emotional outpouring, others need to go to the toilet and for some it is a combination of all three. The Kambo experience is a completely personal one and what ever needs to come out, will.

Will I hallucinate? 


Kambo is not a psychoactive drug. So there are no hallucinatory effects. However, Kambo is often called ‘the great revealer’. This is because lost, forgotten or suppressed memories are sometimes brought to the surface. This revealing of things from the past can be seen as Kambo helping you to realise/remember things that have been left unresolved. However, Kambo also gives you state of clarity and renewed energy. This means you are given the space to work out how best to move forward, or work through these issues. These may be issues that have been negatively affecting you for years, without you even realising it.

How often should I take Kambo?

The answer to this really lies with the individual and what is being worked on. The tribes believe Kambo should not be taken more then 12 times in a year and I agree this seems a good rule to live by.

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