''Having searched Europe wide for a Kambo practioner, I was drawn to Andrew’s clear and informative website. After an initial phone conversation, we agreed on a suitable course of action: namely, a private circle. Andrew was extremely accommodating, flexible and helpful from first contact to the last. Upon meeting him I was immediately put at ease by both his professional and empathetic approach. The process was – as expected – a challenge, but Andrew’s guidance and support was invaluable in seeing me through. In sum, I heartily recommend him to both Kambo initiates, as well as those already seasoned in the process alike''


"I asked Higher self to work with Frog and just absorb the healing where it was meant to go. The effect has been rather astonishing, I have had Chronic pain syndrome for many years, it has not appeared since having the treatment. The Arthritis pain in the right shoulder is subsiding on a daily basis, in fact almost tolerable today. Interesting to note I pulled my back out of shape on Thursday and I'm now running around again, that is I think something of a record for a prolapsed disc. . . even for me."

I see the Spirit within you. ali B x x x

"Andrew is a very calming and centered individual. He gives each client equal time, energy and efforts. All personal issue's are met without any judgement or scale; no one mans vice is comparable to that of anothers. So no problem is too big or too small. Andrew is trained to the highest of standards and you can trust him completely with his connection to his work. He welcomes all and is always happy to answer any fears concerns or questions you may have."


“A lot has happened to me since June when I first took kambo. The headline stories from the summer are: my back is completely cured! I was able to work an 11hr shift (of manual labour) two days ago. Compare that to just before the kambo, when I was in pain every minute of the day (and night) and had been on 12 painkillers daily for 8 months, just to get me to sleep!
My panic attacks have completely gone, as have the fainting fits that I’d had since I was 8. Most relieving of all, the chronic sense of depression, unease and malaise that I’d had since I was 8 years old has completely disappeared and I know, its not going to come back.
On top of that, my food allergies, hay fever, allergies to cats dogs etc have all gone, as have countless other fears big and small that used to occupy my mind. So there are the headlines! Maybe u can put that on your testimonial page :)”


"Joining a circle requires faith, faith in oneself and in the powers of Kambo. In order to take that step one needs a trusted guide. Andrew's genuine interest in caring for others, his natural calmness, his wonderful communication and meticulous preparation made me feel at ease instantly. Throughout the process he was always there for us. I can feel that it is Andrew's life calling to serve others and I look forward to being part of more circles with Andrew."


"Andrew was my guide and facilitator of my first ever kambo journey. He made sure before, during and after the journey that I felt safe. He constantly reassured me so that I could dive into the experience knowing that all I had to do was surrender. Andrew is an excellent practitioner. Competent, intelligent and very intuitive. I would recommend him without hesitation and kambo journey with him anytime."

Thanks and with love Helen

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