Kambo is an intense and personal journey and so we offer a range of treatment options to suit your individual needs.

Open Kambo Circle

What is an open circle?

Open circles are when you join a group of other people and experience Kambo all together. They usually are a mix of people who have had Kambo before and first timers. As alien as it may sound a lot of people really value the group experience. There is something very powerful and bonding about going through this process with other people.

How many people will there be in a group?

The number of participants in a group does vary, depending on the venue. However, we always endeavour make sure the size of the group does not impact on the amount of individual attention each person receives.

Our focus is on, maximising your experience in the circle, not the number of participants in the group.

Where do circles take place?

Andrew holds regular Open Circles in and around London and the South East.

If you would like to join an open Kambo circle, but are not based in the south east of England, do still get in touch. As a Master Practitioner and Trainer in the IAKP, Andrew may be able to guide you to another practitioner closer to you. Or it is also possible, especially by working together, to organise a circle with Andrew closer to your home. He often travels throughout the UK and internationally to hold circles.

How long will the circle last?

The length of a circle does vary from group to group. This is because each group is different and each person in that group is different. It is very important to me to prioritise peoples healing and individual processes, rather then trying to rush everyone through as quick as possible.

I feel there is nothing worse then going into a healing process and feeling like you are being hurried along, to suit someone else’s needs. This does not mean that I casually allow time to be wasted. I simply work to move the circle along at a pace that suits the needs of each group. To give an idea the session includes:

  • People arriving and settling in.
  • An introduction talk to the medicine and the process involved.
  • Time to set and focus on intentions.
  • The actual treatment and time to rest.
  • After people have rested, we eat some food, to rebuild your energy.
  • There is also often a chance to share with the group how the experience was and to close the circle.

On average, the total length of a circle, from arrival to being ready to leave, is usually between 4-6 hours. It can sometimes be less and very, very occasionally it can be more.

Click here to see dates and locations for our upcoming circles.


Private Treatments and small closed circles

What is a Private Circle?

As the name suggests a private circle is done on a one to one basis. This option can work really well for people who are experiencing Kambo for the first time and are maybe feeling nervous about going through it in front of strangers.

They are also great for people who have experienced the medicine before, but want to experience the medicine focusing even deeper on themselves.

What is a Closed circle?

A closed circle is when people want to experience Kambo with other people they know.  You can book a small closed circle for yourself and a partner, or one other person, or a group of friends/or family members.

What days are available for Private circles of Closed groups?

One of the great things about private sessions is, they can be booked on a date and time that suits your schedule. I usually reserve Mondays-Fridays for these type of circles. However, it is possible to book on a weekend, depending on my availability.

Can I book a session in my own home?

These sessions can take place in your own home, or you can come to us. Whatever, suits you best.

If you choose to have the treatment at your own home, we just ask that you do have easy access to toilet facilities, ideally on the same floor as the room in which the circle will take place

What are the costs:

The costs are dependant on the number of participants taking part and the treatments being received.

To give a rough ideal for single standard treatments, when coming to us, breaks down like this:

  • Private 0ne to one £130
  • Closed circle two people £110 each
  • Closed circle three people £100 each
  • Closed circle for four £90 per person
  • Closed circle for more than four people £85

If I travel to you I need to add an additional charge to cover my time and expenses. This is dependant distance I need to travel). Book now

Three by Three Treatment

What is a Three by Three?

This an intensive session of three Kambo treatments all within three hours.

Why would someone want to do a Three by Three?

This is an extremely powerful treatment and it can be very effective for people working through specific, or chronic issues. Or those who have struggled to break though a blockage in single treatments.

I have not experienced Kambo before, can I do a Three by Three?

This treatment is not normally recommended for people who have never experienced Kambo before.

If you are new to Kambo I would suggest initially experiencing one Kambo session, to see how you respond to the medicine. After that it is easier for you to know if you are going to be able to receive the full three treatments all together and also if you really need to do it.

I will however, occasionally give the treatment to a first timer, if it really seems like the best option at that time.

Please contact us for any further advice on this treatment.

Kambo retreat 

For those traveling from further a field or needing an intensive series of kambo treatments we can accommodate you in our family home. You will have your own room with an ensuite toilet and shower room, healthy home cooked meals and time to rest and relax around the Kambo treatment/s.

Cost: dependant on the Kambo treatment booked, availability and length of stay required. Please contact us for any further information on this option.

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